Review of the Pastorum Series: Part Two

thoughts, prayers & songs: my journey from self-absorption to doxology

In my last post I examined  Elliot Ritzema’s resources that are part of the new Pastorum Series Collection from Logos Bible Software. In this post, I will look at Jeffrey Miller’s resources and how his and Ritzema’s books work together.

Jeffrey Miller is the author of Hazards of Being A Man,  co-author of Zondervan’s Dictionary of Bible and Theology Words and A New Reader’s Lexicon to the Greek New Testament and has been a contributing editor on three commentaries. Additionally he has 11 years of pastoral ministry experience so he understands the pressure of having to write sermons week after week. In the Study, Apply, Share guides which are included in this collection, Miller offers sound exegetical advice and helpful hints on how to make the Bible meaningful to your congregation.

In this collection, Miller looks at five New Testament books: Mark, LukePhilippians, Hebrew

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