A DIY Birthday


Monday was my birthday so I gave myself a long weekend, which worked out great because some family came into town and I got to finish a DIY project.

A co-worker’s mother-in-law passed away earlier this year, and as they were cleaning out her apartment they offered some of her furniture to anybody they knew who might be able to use it. I received a bookshelf. (Shocking that I would need/want one, right?) It was one of those cheap, put-it-together-yourself fake wood ones, so I decided to give it a two-day makeover. Check it out:

I let that dry on my patio overnight. You’re probably thinking, um… Stef? You missed a spot, or four. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan. For the backs of each shelf, I borrowed from my mom’s book of cleverness. See Day 2:

I measured and cut four pieces of board to fit against…

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