Cesky Krumlov in Two Hundred Words

My neighbor always come visited me this town.

Central Station

krumlov 064

Somehow, the Czechs have managed to keep Cesky Krumlov a secret from the outside world. Of course, you’ll hear endless whispers about the City of Spires but Cesky Krumlov somehow remains a thriving tag on day trip.
Instead of taking all your snaps before the sun sets on Sunday night, sit in a cafe on the petite sized square and watch the crowds vanish down curly alleyways. Head home.
If you’re a twosome, stay at Dilettante’s Hang out, throw another log on the fire (in the Buddha Room) and tinkle the bell to say you’ll take that extra night after all. If you’re a gang then do the same over at Krumlov(e) House then gather round the piano.
But what if you’ve already wandered though the castle and dangled a small child’s feet over the bear pit and stuffed your backpack with a marionette for your Nan?
Why, you…

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