Fight the Fade: Things I’m Going to Do

Banjos and Bordeaux

This is a list of things I will do before the year is out. These aren’t to be confused with resolutions, whose purpose is as appealing as a dry, hard wheat biscuit (do this, it’s good for you, c’mon, choke it down) but rather these are things that I a) want to do and b) self-improvement is icing on top, not the point.  When my momentum slows, everything inside of me stops. Right now, waiting for the rebuilt house, and waiting for my apartment, and waiting for my vacation, and waiting for the autumn (my favorite season, and one I haven’t experienced in six years due to Florida’s tropical climate) is keeping me from doing. I want to do.  So here are five Things I Will Do before 2013 is over:

I will go blonde.

I’ve always had really dark hair thanks to the Cherokee blood a few generations away. Usually…

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