Mbali Upeo- war games and the siege of a school

himalayan epiphany

Despite their cowardly avoidance of hard work when building my boat, I still kept around me a strong little gang of intrepid adventurers. I must attribute this to the power of my Mother’s baking than any personal magnetism of my own, but nevertheless I made the most of it and appointed myself General-in-chief and deviser of all tests of our mettle.

One of these tests was a long-running war game with the local Nubian (Sudanese) kids.

The Nubians lived on the outskirts of Nairobi, further down the Ngong Road from us. It was a small village which began as a settlement for returned Nubian servicemen from the first world war. Now it has become one of the biggest slums in Nairobi but it wasn’t back then- it was clean and orderly and on a Sunday afternoon huge numbers of the African population in the capital would walk or bicycle out there to…

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