So this blogging business is addictive


I am on day 3 of blogging, a relative newborn to the world of ‘anonymous’ thought sharing – the uncensored freedom to write as irrelevantly as you like, with the only pitfall that you will receive no ‘likes’. At least, for the first few weeks, ‘likes’ don’t count… right?

Since I spend any time to myself with my head in the clouds, I suppose I can turn this and other brain ramblings into a blog, write it down in the digital paper landscape, where it can be repelled or loved… I’m normally in a country I’ve never been to with people I’ve never met, dreaming up ideas that one day may or may not materialise, imagining what my next abode will look like or where my random non-linear life path will take me next.

…Have you ever been at a turning in a road and only then decided whether to…

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