Song of the Week: 1.0


In an effort to make sure I stay engaged (I have a habit of starting new platforms to get my thoughts out, and then abandoning them later. eg: I’m a quitter) I figured I would go ahead and write a post on a different song that I think everyone should listen to, gives me feels of an emotional nature, or just generally rocks my socks off. I decided this about thirty seconds ago when a song that I’ve listened to 258 times, according to my iTunes. And yes, I still use iTunes. Too many years of dependency has left me bitter and unable to move on, my precious.

Anywho, the song is a question is a cover. Now, if you don’t like covers because you think they lack originality or are a purist who thinks the original is always going to better, find a different blog. Ain’t nobody got time for dat…

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