Story Time

Harnessing the Power of the Story

“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” – Hannah Arendt

“Storytelling is fine as long as you can encourage people to act on the stories.” –Karen Armstrong

Everybody loves a good story. There’s a magic to it, a powerful compelling experience that leads us outside our mental box, outside ourselves, and plants us firmly in the mind of another. We talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes — stories take us there.


There’s a component of empathy involved. We find ourselves identifying with someone we’ve never known before, feeling their hurts and passions, seeing ourselves in their struggles and successes. Stories help us identify with fictional people so that we can better relate to the real people around us.

We learn values and ideals, but not as one does in a Sunday school or classroom. Stories are not textbooks with lists of facts presented…

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