Orchids are perhaps known as the most diverse flower in the world with over 25,000 recognized species!  These exotic plants symbolize love, luxury, and beauty, and are the most coveted of ornamental plants.  The symmetry of the orchid’s flowers to it stems and leaves also symbolizes perfection. The cost of a flowering orchid has become competitive with many other potted floral plants.  And prices range from about $10-$40.00 depending on the variety and size.  But, what a great investment since the blooms can often last in for several consecutive months!  With proper care, orchids will generally rebloom, and can be enjoyed for many years.


In recent years their popularity and production have soared,  thanks to diverse cloning methods. Tiny amounts of plant tissue are actually taken from the mother plant to clone identical baby plants.  They are in abundant supply in most garden centers and  grocery stores today. For more detailed information on orchids, please visit the American…

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