What I Learned from Nik Day about Goals

Forward Walking

Throughout my life, I have had several opportunities to work closely with children. I remember sitting in a classroom of four-year-olds, all of their eyes fixated on me, eager to learn, to grow, to become. It amazed me to think of all the potential contained in that room. These children could literally become ANYTHING they set their hearts to be. It is something that we hear every day—that we can achieve anything we truly desire. But looking at a child, you can SEE it. Their little minds are working so quickly, taking in so much. And they have faith in themselves. I never once met a kid who said, “Gee, I’d like to become an astronaut, but I’ll probably just become a janitor or something like that… because I’m just not that amazing.”

So when do we change? What is that magical turning point that makes us doubt our own…

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