Harlot religion joke


All it takes you should remember NSA air commercial their employment call employer, christian preacher call it harlot all it demonized value of Jesus Christ, fun jokes but rich business man they called them employer but for those poor might be jealous and can be Anti-employer or Anti-sementism but how do you know the real employer get here, I know the employer if I spot one, but those Harlot religion called them self follower of Jesus Employer, but how the christian preacher was mention I know Jesus when I spot one, they report in california saw Jesus walked, and in Las Vegas they spot Jesus rich, so those organization fight communist jealous about {  Liberal Communist TU BAN } I called rich Liberal, so how do you believe in god, god so love the world he gave his beloved son so anyone knows him will be delivered, those harlot religion considered themselves new age, Liberal Rich, my point I know the communist liberal if I spot one, but where are they where are they come, all they the disciple for Jesus Christ, or a liberal rich disciples for employers.  Come to think of it all America freedom religion, but this religion employer nothing fornications, sex, rob, and murdered.  Where is employer when we need one is he really a philosypher what is need to be done to revise our value of love so the true religion is god’s love and why the Harlot vow to eliminate anyone love and nurture one another, and the employer truly hire us as employee so the bread for family truly god’s love, I finally realized we are being intimidate our own value and the employer nothing but the respect, but those anti-employer might fighting good faith in our god’s value, so employer come riding a white horse so where is the anti-christ as jesus come from thin cloud with his army riding the house horse..




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