Amen I say unto you whoever love mother and hate father will be a cursed in your soul, god’s deliverance in mercy in suffering for one another in time distress, all the love nourish through confix the devil in coruption of issue, all ther dertain of your grace, issue will deliver god’s objection of love, all the used hate crime in god’s love will lured you to the devil pullpit all intake of your gertain in crime god will condemn to death, all grace nourish before god’s grace, prable of your issue, hulian your parable prayer ask for mercy of god, god will obtain the love of god toward one another, your soul curtain of god’s glory all the devil flesh you have will confine your life, daily coping matter will describe the love of one another.  Amen I say unto you love one another through grace and mercy to the kingdom of heaven will adain in your grace, giggle up your shoe of curtain of death, god define the issue of you daily god’s grace in coping matter and glory will abide in your life and the kingdom will have abtain by heavenly father.

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