Amen I say to you whoever condemn god’s glory will baider of sin, all the sins will be forgiven in suffering for the lord, and god’s bestow the glory of god through suffering in sanctify spirit, glorify eternal heavenly father god’s condemn to death those destroy the glory of god, all the saint will abide in glory and attain the power and subject to god’s authority.  Amen I say unto you through Christ all things were made through his death the resurrection in Christ will hoxtornment in Jesus Christ and the glory of god will be heavenly resurrection in god’s bestow power and all the glory will confine in god’s arm.  Amen I say unto you until the end of age heavenly father will abide this earth children of god, his glory will abdain like the sun and star and glory to his mercy toward for his children unhornment in Jesus Christ, and kingdom will have no end.

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