All little the child have been force t  persecute and in level of many abortion our human flesh in life form of god, center of soul and spirit control the environment of universe and earth, all god’s power beginning creation of human flesh and universe, create the tremendous impact in our life every living creature god’s creation is inhale and exhale pure living atom oxygen, beginning god create Adam and Eve in god’s image, justify the creation of universe for abundant life giver and our living environment will create a tremendous impact in our health of daily intake, hurts, pain, anger, anxiety, cursed cancer beginning our of universe and earth environment collapse, our value of human intelligent gather all source for purpose getting to know closer to god. justify your issue relate to our government policy from health through murder will create impact in our mental health and all our suffering for our family in daily meal clearly describe unity, union, team, and work force to receive that, god’s creation delete all error of disfutile and evil environment from our universe to our daily life breath we intake, all the measure of creation of god giving life of blessing abundantly to every man and woman, I urge you should reveal the secret of your blessing in success of your life, have been attain great deal of resolving the environment god’s creation surround us from nourish to love, from pain to hurt, all balance out our daily life god have bless us from joyful moment through given birth to child, so the child stubborn in our life, all it grow in our planet nothing salt add in our daily life as part of unity, union, crowd and enjoyment and empowerment, wiser knowledge in our daily life of resolving issues, our head of organization will be realized family is the first with our the family, the head of household our wise knowledge in grace and nourish never attain as part daily restorer.  conclusion “the human life form which the flesh in unity will in healthy will create the big impact in our empowerment for wiser life style and empower through god’s creation purpose, love, enjoy, nourish, gain our honor through knowledge of others in union”.

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