Amen I say unto you all the reputation of your sin come from issue in your life, prejudice of your works determine your pride and honorship in your union of families, gulion your love toward your woman and your children, killien your mercy toward your god’s love, justify your spirit with god with daily prayer with your family, in your love thee huxward your wife and sin forgiven, Amen I say unto you, your spirit is healthy will determine the blessing from god, so prayer for other so they can be heal, prable your words relate to god’s accomplishment in you, your angel eternal heaven will condemn your wicked issue as restore in faith, and confine your mercy toward to other as ambassador for the Lord, lilix your hurt in  resolve issue of your family matter and pray humble and axalt, eternal heavenly will attain his love and mercy toward your love ones, prable in union with the church and detain the love and fortress of your god, your kingdom of rock your become the rock of Jesus Christ.

John H Tran 

Windows Live Blog


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