Flesh our of god retain the messages

Anata code word for religious occult buddha in Vietnam and China murdered by using soccerer magic harry potter book and magic mirror eavsdrop mix together the alien/devil made appearance to that union of their image of objective and eliminate and curse, when you heard in someone mind being cursed by  eavsdrop that’s mean that objective person being play and murdered by power and devil/demon/alien, conclusion that person subject to play many level by these hidden gov terrorists neither implant, wither or cast to abyss alien world for their meal, if surve this suspect in objective heavily mind control and retardation in oscord.   This person neither hearing voices inside his/her mind many words might be a missing link in god’s punishment to those region murdered our laday of angel called burn to silver ash, all you need is set a prayer for yourself and family and your union like this.

May might lord adore my soul and spirit retain your holy spirit be nourish my soul and my spirit, and detain the grace of my god in my soul and spirit, Amen.

John H Tran


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