All my life, hurt in obedience and resolve issue, anger jealousy so other have condemn to death through my suffering, all I attain the nourish of god’s abundant mercy all it takes if I go extra step nurture brother and sisters as my mother and father when they are not there, and look upon god word and pray humble, I delivered it happened once in my life as the mark of the beast god taken away, when I taken care the shoes of father’s need for family and brother and sisters need to complete their hostility in poverty, so I have succeed and a prayer to angel from eternal the mark vanish, so where I take my life from here, still I start my life independently by going to work and careless about my brother I live with and other family members far away from me, fornications sinneth in watch and believe those eternal abyss world movies, so I have the mark again, so the devil keep monitoring me, any insult to holiness of god, the demon/Xatan make appearance for that, I have to come back to lord by go to church and done stewardship for god for those in need, are you ready repentance in your love life in suffering and stewardship for those in need, all day you done many things and dreaming nice home, nice vehicle, a pretty wife, so where are those brother and sister and your mother and father needing you to accomplishing things for their distress, I am sure the best option is resolve family issues, corrupt and error, that’s where influential image in the family is, instead your image shattered in the family, my advise be a good son/daughter nurture family members, walk him/her to doctor visit and give him/her a medicine, god will adore and delivered you, measure and shaken and press down in your life things you have accomplished in helping other in time of distress, and in stewardship, so there by accomplished that mission in favor for god, god is there delivered you a new level of love life and happiness in your futile manner life, I am sure many family have encountered error disgrace words to one another, so there is god changing the way your life style he is in center of universe, creation of our own image, god knows everything in our life, and confine us have faith in love, accomplishing all the issue for family member so the pattern we accomplished for god will define the moment of truth, and the glory of god will establish for us new living condition and direction in our life, and your value and family value will be never the same, but will be more tame in famous of all than any other family, shelfish, jealousy pattern when you are done a good deed always happen, god is there judge over your issue is this truly honest delivered others, so our god’s value will appearance in our family love life as christian and all the hurt when you are gable in union of love of the family about god’s deliverance and blessing, I am sure all god’s blessing poor on your life when the day everyone in the family dissasitify become sastified and obedience behavior come back in god’s love, that when the day god glorify and obtain heaven father nourish to your life.

Amen I say unto you god’s glory sinneth not by god’s adoration, empowerment in love and nourish of holy spirit, god attain the mercy for your love life, blessing of god poor and press down, glory will abide in god’s hand, adoration with Jesus Christ, god define the moment of your truth love, and the glory will forever and forever, Gloria.

John Hung Tran

Windows Live Blog


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