Daily I have to accomplished for god, by obedience in grace before the Lord and favor in god, by taking my mother and mentally illness sister to church and other issue by using the vehicle, so there I save them from kidnap and persecute by devil and his organization, so many time I was angry and sorrow every call of my mother for the service so I have subordinate and obedience, all of that god’s glory have attain in my suffering life, so there every time I have illness I being delivered by our eternal angel so where is the living god preside in your heart, therefore every thing you have doing in stewardship and suffering for other god measure you things you accomplished but is really god’s power preside in your soul, is your relationship have torn apart, truly sure when you’re suffering of the unrighteousness for the righteousness of god, and your suffering god is glorify and adoration in Jesus Christ therefore you have god’s spirit which god eternal light live in you and all your hurt and anger god’s sastifaction will award your glory with his stewardship power of delivered which you might see the unseen and spirit work with other, for example I was having conversation every conversation I brought the my friend heard it they headache and jealousy all over my issue, so I was drunk which god not glorify on every issue I encountered to resolve and my relationship torn apart, so I have comeback to the Lord everything seem torn apart the past scar and past hurt which left the mark for my life I have attain as being lazy, using individual by this reputation I become god and adore the light eternal guiding light of god guide me in every way in life, I become influential and my conversation every time I people heard it called influential conversation and anoint, all broken relationship god put back so where your spot in life which the devil destroy your reputation and your influential to your members as daily you encountered, Amen you need to virtue every aspect in where the glitch of the problem laid is this bad influential to other so they jealous in you, that’s where you need to quit doing that for example demonized in sex, lust in wine and smoking, all of this other look as bad man but where is god you adore every time you walk to church every morning you look at the sky it’s a nice weather today and brothers and sisters you need to communicate with god through virtue daily so your behavior vunerable to all problem and addiction, that time you can quit that habit right away when the virtue to god that level, and god there will guide you to communicate and earn the honor of your members back, as I earn the knowledge in god have taught me through virtue, “ takes a lot of respect earn his trust back, and takes a lot of trust earn his respect back”.  Is our daily coping issue have been resolve by working with our god, yes where is a respect for one another in your life you are expect return to you, so god’s teaching in the holy bible teach you everything, so in act of faith said thank you to your member have make you a meal, have resolve your issues, apoligized to your member which make you hurt and you have disappoint he/she, that’s where life begin recovery as earn self respect, and glorify eternal heavenly father every time you making the good accomplishment, so begin self rehabilitation of your relationship manner that which have left the bad reputation to your members from your past so god will work with you to put it back, so god’s adoration will shine upon in your life.


Amen I say unto you god’s permission in love, god’s glory trust through his suffering, adoration of god, kilian his mercy toward you, hastian of your love god’s adoration detain in his mercy, sinneth as mistress in dismay god’s glory in hurt of paayward to your service, justification of god’s love sinneth through trust of god, pretext for evil god dismay and the kindom and fortress you attain, god’s mercy and love blessing in his glory, and the kingdom will have no end.


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