All my life nothing in duty for the Lord through obedience to the father and fear him, so god have a plan for me, in one day I was delivered the family to the place of god, and suddenly on call duty given me a call for military service, I reject nothing waste time, so my family was in middle of devil’s bullpit war which government could not done anything to accomplished the delivered, so god was there and delivered me from devil’s bullpit, I was so distress in financial management of my own life, so I surrendered to the Lord by stewardship to the nearly homeless brother which he was jobless and helpless, and I was pray in silent with guilt and hurt for my brother so god was free me from devil’s bondage and it’s condemn to death in spirit, so all the glory god’s bestow I have done a good deed to my family, but nevertheless my family keep on going of worship god and plasmephy one another in jealousy, Oh you don’t know that type of situation living poor condition always jealous other one have menix luxury nourish, so there sin I detain in god’s judgement over me and my fellow member which god is call for pray in humble in union of the family to end, the soccery of Buddha witchcraft which the devil was laying the death trap for me and my love ones, was persecute all many region my fellow family live, politically and spiritually, so where is the angel when you are need one so where is help, so the devil’s bullpit is a cursed of Xatan which everyone know your privacy, only god can take it back and grant you a peace and freedom he have promise, scary if you are in the position helpless even police department look at you different angel in their political issue and crime issue, I am sure anyone have it was silently stalk and being prey by those want to make extra money out of your privacy and suffering mentally, so god in this position use me as christian slave by live in the life of humility and exalt in error, many of them even fellow family members considering I have mental illness and never believe in me instead cause trouble for them for suffering for me, so I am sure when you are in this situation you want to committed suicide and destroy anything you encountered in the name of family love, so god teaching be humble in humility and suffer for the righteouness for the unrighteouness of those have disobedience and hate me, so god is glorify for my suffering and have use me to done a good deed for those have hate like his teaching “ love your enemy, do good to those hate you” so I have take position through god’s blessing in genuine knowledge explosion and confine everyone in winning stocks numbers and pray for them after teach them how our god heal and delivered many have free from devil bondage through my suffering and prayers and have bless by our angel through guiding me and I guide others, so I have the blessing from god in donations which the devil already know my privacy have rob it and turn around condemn me as a genuis criminal which I considered their concept as “Rob, kill, destroy”. god is there walk with me through his power and glory rest upon me and have help me through and as I confine many family mistress and blessing that pour all over their life, success career as owner many business god have bless and success woman have a husband like me, many mistress of lover’s scarlet they still cherish and nourish one another and back support one another in union of family, so god bestow your suffering in restore for your family issue and glorify his spirit have oldain me and bestow the glory and power forever and ever.


Amen I say unto you all the glory in power god oldain in your life, love in mistress, sinneth in glory, god define the love of the Lord, god’s justification in transgression of sinneth, glory to god majestic name Jesus Christ, kilian his mercy toward fellowship with holy spirit, god’s glory detain in your love, kingdom will have no end.


John H Tran


Windows Live Blog


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