jesus (2)

All the daily coping issues, I have encountered struggle to resolve and brought many anger all along so jealousy have confine me as sinner, so god is there open mind and heal my anger without wicked issue daily live with loves one in resolved for them there should not be cherish and nourishing and detain the grace before them which god confine as union of family  but live humble in humility, so there god is redefine the moment of his glory through your humility and humble in exalt, gable his goodness in his grace and mercy, so therefore before you realized which issue you have condemn by god through demonizing your love life, lust, disobedience and wanton in disagree with god’s issue, therefore god always there and patiently open mind to you where the sinneth laid through virtue with god, through seeking god you define the moment of his glory through your acknowledgement which you have accomplished and abtain the pardon and nourishing of your love family comeback for you so the sinneth in humble confess to god and prayer for those who have hurt you so both will be delivered, so all the glory eternal heavenly detain in his kindness and goodness, eternal heavenly father justify his grace and pardon your wicked issue which might confine as condemn to death by your fellow members which quite water you don’t detected it, so you are going from to obtain the glory and eternal heavenly king pardon and delivered you through your daily love issue, simple pick up the cross of suffering and follow his footstep be gentle and kindness to one another willing to go extra miles in delivered other so your heavenly father glorify and your shining light will light up through your union of family and the light will shine upon darkness.


Amen I say unto you havoc in justification of sinneth, octane your love with god, god define the glory, through justice servant of god, god’s define the glory of his love and empowerment in his authority, through sinneth you define the moment of your glory, justify god extrahevan of love god detain his kingdom of his glory, and the kindom will obtain in his hand, glory to his majestic name, the sinneth condemn will erased, confine the glory of god, will define the moment of your glory and the kingdom will have no end.


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