jesus (2)

All it’s review in one day of god’s suffering, all the reward I have receive through union of the church, and have postpone in god’s glory and surrendered to the church, all the the hurt of everyone suddenly engage in discussion, I am sure where is the money come from how come it’s too much, so there one day suffering for the lord and everyone delivered by our angel, so do you believe in miracle happen in your life by forgiven one another, I am even delivered healing in renew the health instead go to the hospital disect and attend chemo-therapy, all it’s takes conflict in suffering there you are have it affliction in god’s glory and forgiveness after explain why you are hurt and why he is wrong about you, so god’s glory and empowerment through one another even in dissessment of agreement one another so where is god, I don’t see any god next to me, but sure thing god is the unseen and in your soul and spirit anoint you to accomplish things, so there god strengthen me in all my suffering, but god’s have guide me through anoint and have work with other in fellowship with god, crown of glory I attain and all the blessing upon me and those work in union with god and me have adore and receive the stewardship for things I have accomplished, so there all god empowerment through you and one another have perfectly made for the issue and god adoration in Jesus Christ have pertain the persistence of your suffering and love, god have taugh me “ takes a lot of trust earn his respect, and takes a a lot respect earn his trust” god was guide me through I disagree and jealous I my mother and father and brother and sisters, so I have comeback to the lord I he made me a fisher of man.


Amen I say unto you all dorox in glory of god’ god empowerment through weakness of sinneth, all the glory in suffering god’s justify and justice abdain in his glory.




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John H Tran


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