Heavenly Rewardom in Sin, Power of Light Eternal Glory

 jesus (2)

      All I was obtain in god’s glory was advocate, and counsel my members, and have succeed many times, but come to devil’s bullpit god call virtue and analysts where the sins laid and why demon devil keep follow me, might be I at the graveyard, might be plasmemphy soul, but how it lead you to repentance of sins, so there I fasting and all I realized all the life god have bless through the mother and father, and all the meal I attain go through suffering of the mother and father, so moment I realized it I realized they are always right, and disobedience in the family which create a big issue in hatred jealousy and conflict in members, so where and how do you put together your wise in life and knowledge compare to your mother and father have been through long suffering in life for you, so there I went out and surrendered to my mother and my father and my family in managing the budget which I surrendered everything for them other people other my member remorsed for me and even condemn life like dog, so phylosiphy in dog life I have obtain the glory of god and glory of power of the eternal light preside in me, all hatred and hurt I humble carry in my heart the reward come from god which the devil rob it, so how do you take it back impossible so I find different approach which surrendered my wise knowledge and implement through god’s glory of the light there I become a superstar for certain organizations I work with and justice and life of those sin me have aldain in god’s hand, so the enemy is cornered so I was dismiss for organizations, and work my credit have earn become a professional business man, so there all the homeless children and wife become bless and the fortress kindom which I suffering in resolved have become successful preference point of story in our life.

  All suffering through stubborn love, glory in your mistress aldain your fortress and kindom, and heavenly kingdom is at hand.


John H Tran


Windows Live Blog



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