jesus (2)

Jesus the day he was preaching is the love of followers behave toward the Lord, so all day alkine his nourish that’s where his mercy which endure among gentile.

All king bestow in eternal heavenly lordship god’s glory abide in suffering and nourish one another, fellowship god alkine his love and hurt toward mistress, be adain his glory his kingdom will abide in you.

Amen Kingdom of heaven like a mustace seed, a man sow it in the field, come seasoning end, the man rip some 4 told and some 3 told and some 2 told, so the man have rip the fold that have leaven the glory of seasoning, some rip and cut it and thrown away, god’s love toward his gentile god glory have abide in kingdom of union of family, the man have sow and rip the goodness of harvest seasoning, amen kingdom he abide is xatan…

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